Dejan Jelisavac

Dejan Jelisavac joined KF Finance team in 2013. Prior to this he was employed in the international audit firm Ernst & Young, where he was primarily responsible for auditing trading and manufacturing companies.

He was involved in various business valuation, due diligence procedures of major Slovenian companies, financial restructuring and in the preparation of business plans and feasibility studies.

At KF Finance Dejan was responsible also for all underwriting processes regarding non-performing loans.

He was actively involved in the underwritting process for Project PINE in Slovenia (450 mEUR GBV), Project Simonida in Serbia (150 mEUR GBV), Project Taurus in Slovenia and Croatia (1.000 mEUR GBV), Project Onyx in Serbia (300 mEUR GBV), Project Victor in Serbia (40 mEUR GBV), Project Bond in Slovenia (120 mEUR GBV) and several small local NPL deals.

He advised clients on acquisitions of single receivables from banks or funds and obtaining financing to execute those transactions.

In 2017 Dejan became managing director of the fund management company ALFI within KF Finance group, managing over 25m EUR.